TITLE: Hackathon Punchers: Plastic Punch Ambassadors

By: Ghena Dabbas, Gia Narayan, Georgina Abdel Massih

Hello! Welcome to the first blog post written by the Plastic Punch ambassadors. We are looking forward to expanding the Plastic Punch platform and sharing what we have planned with everyone. For now, here is a bit about us and how we got involved with Plastic Punch.  

We were first introduced to Plastic Punch on the second day of the online conference that was dubbed the ‘Hackathon’. For this event, all the student participants were divided into small groups (since it was alphabetical, all our names thus begin with G). Here, we watched a video that spoke about Plastic Punch’s initiative and goals but also some potential areas of improvement. The goal was to pitch a proposal to the Plastic Punch team that provided a potential solution for these areas of improvement. Our team decided to focus on the topic of funding since the website had no running donations link. Within this time frame, the group had to make a powerpoint presentation that outlined the design principles, our main plan and the action plan (with a timeline). Our winning team was selected by Plastic Punch and now has the opportunity to work with them.

For the past few months, as the three of us gradually started working with Plastic Punch, we were exposed to numerous environmental issues affecting Ghana and the international community which really motivated us to do better and widened our perspectives as citizens of the future generation. We were given tasks that had to do with helping Plastic Punch achieve their aims of raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution, as well as starting our intense and incredibly exciting action plan that we hope to implement within the upcoming months, including regularly updating this website with informative yet entertaining blog posts that hope raise awareness and encourage a greener lifestyle that reduces plastic consumption.Keep an eye out for upcoming posts!