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Paper bags made from plantain, banana stems and corn husk.

Green Ghana is a software designed to connect individuals and institutions with the closest vendors who are readily available to pick up your segregated waste. This app is simple and easy to use.


Girls Stand branch of R.C girls School is on the project that used an innovative way to grow vegetables to feed students. It is a project that is carried by girls between the age of 10 to 16. The project is right in the school and these crops are grown up with the composite manure that we produce from kitchen waste, dry leaves, animal waste, etc. We pray this fund will be used to support us so that we produce organic vegetables( free from fertilizer) which will be used to feed girls in the adolescent’s stage to meet their nutritional requirements as they transition from childhood to adulthood. We grow what we eat.

The Birthday challenge: An annual event to mark our birthday celebrations with green activities for long-lasting environmental impacts.

A mobile app that helps citizens to order trees of their choice. It gives you a vivid info about the seedling you to go for before you make your order.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”– Robert Swan, Author

But in order to ensure that mother nature is safe for us and even the future generations, it is important for us to take the step now and protect the earth. In connection with this, ACitizens have collaborated with Mckingtorch Africa to initiate the ‘SUSTAIN CITY PROJECT’ to help make the world a better place for humanity. This receptacle is one of many projects to come! Watch out for more innovative projects from Academic City.

Visuals are the best way to impact knowledge into children. Over here, in our quest to educate all on how to make a green Ghana, we make visuals of ways of sustaining the environment. This graffiti are positioned close to schools and public places where children can view.

Thanks @EuropeInGhana and @PlasticPunchGH for the #LetsGoGreen challenge. To help protect the environment I ride my @GhanaBambooBike when going out for meetings and when I buy fruit and vegetables for my family. #AfricaEU @UNDPGhana.

Did you know that One disposable pad contain four plastic bag carriers. Menstrual waste are the 5th most common type of waste washing up on our beaches creating ecological damage. This is locally produced eco-friendly non toxic affordable washable, made from soft absorbent cotton fabric, leak proof and breathable. It is comfortable to wear, easy to wash and dry and its designed to promote good health, save cost and the ecosystem. A kit of our ecoperiod pad along with education on Menstrual Health provide women and girls with access to dignity, health and opportunities for 3 years without monthly purchases of pads. Our aim is to end period poverty and plastic period while creating economic opportunities in a financially sustainable way.


Turning waste to clean cooking fuel is the way to go. Young people being willing to create climate-solutions to save the earth for us all.


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